Shared Prosperity: A North Star for Maturing Investments


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Alrighty folks, welcome back to Season 3, Episode 12 of Transacting ValYou!

Have you been trained by your environment as to what is funny, and what is to be taken seriously? Would you stand up for somebody to set an example? Align your perspective and your actions with your own values. Have the confidence to build your own character. If you value a fulfillment and alignment with your values, then this episode is for you.

Today we're discussing the inherent but underrated September core values of Forgiveness, Humility, and Sacrifice as strategies for character discipline and relative success, with Sharon Schneider. We cover different aspects of constructive, critical, and honest feedback between you and yourself, or other people. Together, we tackle self-esteem, introspection, physical, emotional, and mental recovery. If you are new to the podcast, welcome! If you're a continuing listener, welcome back! Thanks for hanging out with us and enjoying the conversation. Values still hold value.

Special thanks to The Bee and the Bear Creations and Keystone Farmer's Market for your support. To Integrated Capital Strategies, Sun Valley, author James Clear and his book Atomic Habits, and Bradley Cooper for your inspiration, and to Sharon Schneider for your insight!

Sharon Schneider:
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