Geometry - what’s it good for?


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Recently Shelly Corbett chatted with Sabrina Perry and Chris Whitlow about one of our photo challenges: #TP_Geometry. We had a lively discussion regarding Geometry - what's it good for? It turns, a lot! Geometry is an important compositional tool and can turn your photos from ok to fantastic with a little awareness of how and when to use it.

A few of our take aways

With any good discussion, our insights were many. Here is a partial list of what we cover in this conversation:

  • Using any word associate with math is probably not the best selling point
  • Formal composition is your friend. In fact, its really important!
  • Understanding the various forms of mathematical composition can help you understand why an image works. This gives you a stronger base to work from.
  • Composition is only one tool in your photography tool box. Photography has a lot of moving parts to keep in your mind at once.
  • What? Those guidelines on the back of my camera and phone have a purpose! Yes, turn them on!!

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