180. Ross Reynolds: How Audio Technology Changed the World


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Did video really kill the radio star? There’s no doubt that the expansion of visual technology played a huge role in the evolution of communications and entertainment, but consider the modern successes of podcasts and music streaming services. With over 2 million podcasts in existence and over 400 million people worldwide subscribers to some form of online music streaming service, audio remains alive and well; it still holds plenty of power to create intimacy, spark the imagination, and entertain us. There’s nothing quite like it.

Veteran broadcaster Ross Reynolds took us on a journey from the first century of radio to today’s world of audiobooks, internet streaming, podcasts, and smart speakers. How has audio transmission changed society and what makes it such a powerful form of communication despite decades of change? Reynolds explored these questions and more, and encouraged our in-person and virtual audience members to share stories of their formative audio experiences.

Ross Reynolds is KUOW’s executive producer for community engagement, before which he was a program host for 16 years. His awards include the 2011 Public Radio News Directors First Place in the call-in category for Living in a White City. In 2015, he was named to the University of Washington Communication Alumni Hall of Fame.

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