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Popping with Tourette Awareness Month (May 15-June 15), here's your entry to lucky number Season 7 of Tourette's Podcast with, as always, a twofer. Episodes 0 and 1 are out simultaneously.

Episode 0 of Season 7, "Launch," captures a super solid conversation between podcast host Ben and two giants in the Tourette advocacy world -- TV presenter and wine/spirits expert Aidy Smith; and advocate, author and YouTuber Britney Wolf. This conversation, recorded live with a big online audience, kicked off the Tourette Association of America's 2021 virtual conference (May 14-16). Funny, sharp, serious, emotional -- we hit all the strings when it comes to life with Tourette and take some great audience questions.

Past Tourette's Podcast conversation with Aidy Smith

Past Tourette's Podcast conversation with Britney Wolf

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Tourette Association of America 2021 Virtual Conference

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