S7 - Episode 15 - When We Connect the Most (with Harper Starling)


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Taking risks is ... risky. Might fail, right? You don't just suddenly decide to move from, say, the midwest to Los Angeles to try and turn your talents into a rewarding career. And, lord have mercy, having something like Tourette Syndrome and comorbids like anxiety doesn't help, does it? For pop singer Harper Starling, it did. This is, in fact, her story. She uprooted, made a long trek to L.A., where she knew no one, and, as we speak, is now preparing for a three week tour of England. Harper directly credits Tourette Syndrome for where she is right now in her singing career, which include a single out now called "Not Another What If" and another soon to debut. She's really forthcoming and direct in her music and that carries through this conversation.

Hat-tip to Harper's manager, the very cool Cindy Valentine, for helping to coordinate this one.


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