Listener Questions! Why can’t Manchester City win the Champions League, does turf increase injury risk, extra DPs or a larger salary cap in MLS, and much more


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In this episode, Taylor, Ryan, and Joe combine to answer your questions! You can find the full list that we tackled down below:

1) If you could spend one day with any coach of any team, who would you pick?

2) Is turf a genuine threat to players?

3) Why can't Manchester City win the Champion's League?

4) Do we think the structure is being put in place for Manchester United to compete with City and Liverpool?

5) If we were given a choice between more salary cap space in MLS, extra DP spots, or unlimited international player slots, which would we choose and why?

6) If we could go back in time and stop one goal from happening to change the outcome of a match, what would it be and why?

7) What is the worst soccer wager/prediction that we’ve placed?

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