Episode 38 - Scrooge The Musical


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Hello, good to see you.
This episode we have Top Ten Christmas Movie Lists from Katie Gibson and Art Kilmer from The Cosy Christmas Podcast.
If you want to check out Art's podcast, here's a link:
Then we talk about Scrooge The Musical starring Albert Finney. Not only was this the first movie length musical version, but also the first colour version as well.
It's very good so have a watch, here's a link:
We have another blinding segment from our Curious Christmas Traditions Correspondent, Frank the Tank. It's a Christmas tree made of tumble weeds. Yes, tumble weeds.
This episode's TV Yule Log isn't a yule log, or even a fire, it's the Krispy Kreme Happy Holliglazer, a conveyor belt of ring donuts being glazed.
Want to watch it?
Why, it's boring.
Well, if you must, here's a link:
See you in two weeks.
Merry Christmas

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