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Recently started playing out 2018/2019. DJ'n Hard House at places such as Twist, Encoded, K-Zone, Hard Culture & Filth Face since then I have taken up production keep your eyes on this page ;) My hard sound has evolved since i got a taste for the hoovers and horns listening to friends mix CD's in the car around Millennium time such as "Hard house Nation" & "Frantic Euphoria" Diving into the clubland CDs I found myself clubbing in places like Glasshouse Leeds and Heaven & Hell. Artists that stood out BK & Tidy Boys to Andy Farley & Lisa Pin up Reviving my clubbing days again in 2010's I quickly jumped straight back in listening to the Filthy artists of Hard House i was instantly hooked.. Adam M, Ben Stevens, JoJo, Hilly, Gary & Boca Byrne, Gary O'Connor. By this time in 2012 I was having a go at DJ'in the classics and filth myself on a USB MIDI controller Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 with Serato DJ By 2014 Hard House was sounding naughty I sure enough wasn't going anywhere upgrading to Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 & S2 By 2016 I couldn't let go, Pioneer decks and a boatload of new tunes! I like to keep my ears pinned for new sounds following the styles of all evolving artists from labels such as Toolbox Digital, Cheeky Tracks, Solid State Digital & Vicious Circle and many more. Look forward to hearing from me new Hard Dance Mixes and Tracks. Bookmark and visit anytime.

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