Tokyo Metro Vol.18 (Live at Global Disco)


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This is a short, wild romp into mashed-up disco and electro. I played this set for the event Global Disco in Akita Japan December 2nd 2017. For this set, I sliced up tracks by Donna Summer, The Bee Gees, Blondie and a few more recent tracks with a disco "vibe." All the remixed tracks were composed on ipad. Equipment and Apps used for this set:
  1. ipad Pro (2017)
  2. Traktor DJ for iPad (to play the tracks at the BPM I wanted)
  3. Blocs Wave (for sampling, slicing and dicing the tracks played from Traktor)
  4. Launchpad (for playing the sliced samples and loops live).
The party was a lot of fun, and there are plans to make it a semi-regular event at Jamhouse Akita. Looking forward to more disco mixes!

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