Tokyo Metro Vol. 10 (Tribal House/ Electro)


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First Hour:
Exclusive Guest Mix By Chris (Subject) English
1. Dark Soul (Dj Chris Hale "Dark Hole Mix)- Beat Level
2. Spirit- Echomen
3. Badass- Mooncat
4. Morena- Little Green Men
5. Miss Thing- James Benitez
6. Third Dimention- D-Formation
7. Ultimate Dream- UDG
8. Sweat- Kobbe & Austin Leeds
9. Sus Besos- Spiritual Vibe
10. Tweakin- Saeed Younan
Second Hour:
Exclusive Guest Mix By DJ Show-G
1. Momoka- Technoasia
2. Krossing- Claude Young
3. Old School Baby (Wire Mix)- West Bam & Nena
4. The Searcher- ebtb
5. Fire Wire- Beroshima
6. Too Much Talk- Chris Liebing
7. Get on Up (Chris Liebing Mix)- DJ Krush
8. Arabescus (Chords of Wire Mix)- DJ Felipe
9. Fires of Hell- Chris Liebing
10. Ghea (Wired Mix)- DJ Felipe
11. Down and Out- Michel Be Hey
12. Maroko- Brother's Yard
13. I Like it Hot- Illicit Audio
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