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Do you do yoga as an exercise or as a spiritual practice? What is the difference between the two? How can you quantum leap your yogic practice? Who can we truly call “yogi” and “yogini”? What are the 6 sacred yogic teachings that everyone should know and practice?

In this episode we will talk about all of that and more. I will also be sharing my own experience with yoga, why and how I started practicing and what were the lessons along the way.

This episode is inspired by the popularity of what is called “yoga’ in the modern world and the intention is to dive deeper, to ask questions, to check intentions, and to commit to the essence of the practice. A healthy reality check for everyone – from the beginners to teachers. We are all in it together. Let’s illuminate the Truth.

Soulful Transmission is a series at Timeless Teachings podcast with insights and wisdom from a deep meditative state.


Yana is a global speaker, impact coach, wellness retreats facilitator, spiritual teacher, co-author of 3 books, award-winning poetess, and truth illuminator, who inspires, empowers, and educates globally. She has been born into a mystical family and started her conscious journey at the age of 8. Yana is the founder of Timeless Teachings Podcast and Awaken Human. Her clients and students come from 30+ countries and highly diverse backgrounds. Yana has just finished her one year spiritual sabbatical journey that she started in the midst of the pandemic during the summer of 2021. Currently she is writing a book, travelling and teaching around the world.

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