Thriving Beyond Belief Book with Cheryl Scruggs (Chapter 1)


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Excerpt from Thriving Beyond Belief: Courageous, Rooted, Thriving Women

Quote from Chapter 1:


and relationships can be hard and the struggle is real. But I know women who are learning to thrive in the midst of it all. This book you’re holding is an outlier. It frames thriving in a new way. And it paints a different picture of abundant living and prosperity than what you often hear.

My vision is for women to live an abundant life from the inside out in every area and practice the lost arts of being a vibrant human being. I envision woman who are energized and enjoying more of what matters most spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and relationally. I want to show women in practical ways how to “be known” to themselves and to others as they really are and learn to be vulnerable. I’ve seen it happen time after time in my work with women over the years. Real, lasting satisfaction comes from women knowing who they are—and accepting what they discover about themselves. And it starts with knowing who God made them."

- Cheryl Scruggs, Author of the new book Thriving Beyond Belief


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