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All of us are products of our upbringing and experiences, and whether we realize it or not, have come to believe things that aren’t actually true. Those false beliefs hold us back. They are like recordings that constantly play in our minds, condemning us, accusing us, shaming us, and blaming us. Is it possible to silence these thoughts in our heads that have tied us up in knots for so long? Can we ever find peace?

Yes! The Bible promises we can be transformed by renewing our minds.

In Unraveling the Lie-Knots, Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner offers encouragement and hope for those who are ready to search out the truth in the Bible. She equips you with practical ways to uncover and dispel lies, even those you may have believed since childhood. She shows how, with the Holy Spirit’s help, you really can untangle knots of deception, discover the lies behind fears, dispel depression, and defeat the effects of trauma.

Discover how to identify and unravel the lie-knots so that you can move forward and become a fruitful disciple of Jesus.


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