Lauren Scruggs Kennedy (200TH EPISODE SPECIAL)


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i started the space LAURENSCRUGGSKENNEDY.COM in 2017 with the hope to cultivate a space where i could share my expertise on healthy living and my passion for vulnerability, style, clean beauty, and nutritious recipes. since then life has expanded in so many ways – i’ve learned so much, been connected with so many knowledgeable people, inspirational companies, and earth-conscious brands, and my passions have only taken DEEPER ROOTS.

i have been lucky enough to pursue what I call a “LIFESTYLE ROOTED IN BALANCE” as this journey continues, my hope is to further share with you EASY and UNDERSTANDABLE ways to pursue a LIFESTYLE of clean, healthy, and achievable living.

  • explore my clean living programs // THE CLEAN SWEEP available in limited edition coffee table books and EBOOK, a daily guide to clean living in a three month, three-volume program food, products, and practices.
  • explore my books “still lolo” which shows how my family and i navigated, healed, and saw beauty through pain, and "your beautiful heart" geared towards teenage girls reflecting on love, faith, and friendship.
  • learn more about the LSK FOUNDATION // a charity we started that exists to bring hope, restore confidence, and ignite faith in girls and women by providing beautiful cosmetic coverings for prostheses.
  • for inquiries regarding events and partnerships, contact

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