Sarah Price and what happens after the Olympics


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Two Time Olympian Tells Us There is No Training for This One Thing….
Sarah Price was well on her way to achieving every athlete’s ultimate dream, Olympic Gold. A world record and multiple gold medals at the European Championships, she was as good a bet as anyone could make.
But tragedy struck at both her Olympic Finals in Sydney and Athens and she never claimed victory after thousands of hours of practice. Sarah’s dream was over.
Moving on from professional sport is the part nobody talks about. How does someone go from being analysed, examined, coached and trained for greatness to being left to fend for themselves? Sarah has suffered from weight gain, insecurity and not having the tools to be who she wanted to be after the Olympics. With no help, she had to find her own path.
This is definitely a topic you won’t want to miss and is full of information for those trying to find their new way forward.

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