Lola Smolokowski sharing her true gift with the World.


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What is a gift if you can not share it with the world?
Lola Smolokowski grew up in the former USSR and studied at one of its famed "School for Gifted Children" for her remarkable piano skills.
She's played some of history's most exceptional and complex pieces with fierce determination that she gracefully concealed with the poise found in a true performer.
That poise was still present under completely different circumstances....
Life can deviate from a path you've prepared for to one you never knew was coming. Lola's story of raising a child with autism is a version of that narrative.
In this episode, we explore the mentality Lola adopted when she found out her son was autistic. And, how she used that same determination from her days as a performer to become the founder of DAR, an autism center for children from every nationality.

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