An Epidemic Hard to Ignore - ADHD with Kim Raine


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Kim Raine knew something wasn't right. She didn't go about things in the same way as other classmates, colleagues or friends. She would be engaged in topics that would interest her immensely and switch off for anything else.
Kim was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 49. Her life story all started to make sense with this new information and led her to find the balance in her life that she needed. Like a puzzle all coming together, Kim Raine was now ready to share her life's experience with high-flying ADHDers and coach them into success.
She has dedicated her life to helping people understand what ADHD is, how it affects genders differently and how you can use ADHD to your advantage. This is a highly shareable episode and we encourage anyone who has ADHD to listen.
Be sure to read her new book: "Square Pegs: A book of Self-discovery for women with ADHD"

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