The Definitive History of VC with "Power Law" author Sebastian Mallaby | E1550


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Huge interview today. "Power Law" author Sebastian Mallaby joins the show to break down some of the most important moments in VC history and his lessons from writing the book, including: the youth revolt (14:18), KP vs Sequoia (27:02), what makes a legendary VC (38:40), and more!

(0:00) Jason tees up today's interview with "Power Law" author Sebastian Mallaby

(1:42) Sebastian explains how and why he wrote a book on the history of VC

(13:13) Vanta - Get $1000 off your SOC 2 at

(14:18) The virtuous cycle of luck early in a VC career, youth revolt in startups, Zuckerberg spurning Sequoia

(26:02) Embroker - Use code TWIST to get an extra 10% off insurance at

(27:02) Tom Perkins and the Kleiner Perkins rise and fall vs Sequoia's sustained dominance, KP's Genentech investment

(37:18) Harmonic - Get $4000 off at

(38:40) What characteristics make a legendary VC?

(56:29) Why are institutional LPs allocating more capital to VC, what happened with China's interest in the industry? Other investable industries other than software

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