The Blueprint: finding & developing all-stars + Mark Gurman on Apple's AR plans | E1549


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Jam packed show! First up, The Blueprint is BACK as Jason breaks down how he finds and develops emerging talent (1:36). Then, Bloomberg's Apple Guru Mark Gurman is back to discuss the latest on Apple's AR project. (31:33)

(0:00) J+M tee up today's topics!

(1:36) Jason explains his strategy for finding and developing all-stars

(13:30) Visa - Learn more about Visa’s online Small Business Hub at

(14:26) Jason's tips for managing emerging talent

(22:51) Brave - Download today at to browse faster, search privately and so much more

(24:16) How to attract the right people to your startup

(30:12) LinkedIn Jobs - Post your first job for free at

(31:33) J+M welcome Bloomberg's Mark Gurman to break down all things Apple, including projected timelines for Apple's AR goggles and the importance of Apple's chip business

(46:17) Mark gives his dream Peloton acquirer and grades Jason's Jay Trade on Apple




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