Instagram to shut down Shopping, reacting to Apple's event & more + The Blueprint Part 9 | E1554


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J+M have big hotel energy today as the duo lets it fly on a bunch of topics including: Trump's documents (2:21), Code Conference poker stories (18:40), Instagram shutting down "Shopping" + Zuck's new look (33:36), Starlink (1:04:37), and more! Then, Molly joins Jason for part 9 of The Blueprint! (1:13:00)

0:00 J+M intro today's segments

2:21 Theories on Trump's classified documents

17:18 SnackMagic - Get 10% cashback up to $1000 until October 15th with code HOLIDAY, and see more at

18:40 Molly's big interview + Jason's tells poker stories from the Code Conference

29:06 Visa - Learn more about Visa’s online Small Business Hub at

30:02 Jason brainstorms a publicity stunt

33:36 Instagram looks to sunset "Shopping" feature, Zuck changes his public persona

40:02 Brave - Download today at to browse faster, search privately and so much more

41:28 Jason confronts his Zuck-induced insecurity

48:11 Why Instagram is shutting down its "Shopping" tab

49:16 Reacting to Apple's event, new watch, AirPods, and iPhone 14

1:04:37 Starlink helping bring broadband to rural areas via school COVID subsidies

1:13:00 The Blueprint Part 9: Molly Wood on manifesting your future!



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