How VCs view founders with a side hustle + Bringing ESG to VC with Joe Blair | E1557


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Sunday special! First up, J+M break down how VCs view founders with a side hustle (1:44), and how founders can actually make their side hustles accretive to their startup. (12:45) Then, Molly interviews Bay Bridge Ventures Co-Founder & GP Joe Blair on his ESG-focused VC firm. (28:00)

(0:00 Molly tees up today's segments!

(1:44 How VCs view founders with multiple roles

(11:24) LinkedIn Jobs - Post your first job for free at

(12:45) How to create side hustles that are accretive to your startup

(20:52) J+M tee up today's climate interview

(26:56) Vanta - Get $1000 off your SOC 2 at

(28:00) Joe Blair, Co-Founder & GP at Bay Bridge Ventures, joins Molly to break down his institutional ESG and sustainability-focused firm

(36:09) Spokn - Get 3 months free at

(37:37) Bay Bridge's thesis, evaluating what qualifies as an ESG investment, diligence on hard tech, and more

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