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Sunday show! On VC Sunday School, J+M discuss how VCs deploy reserves for follow-on funding. (1:58) Then, Molly interviews Quaise CEO & Co-Founder Carlos Araque about his geothermal drilling business! (24:02)

(0:00) J+M tee up segments for Sunday!

(1:58) Jason and Molly talk about how VCs deploy reserves for follow-on funding and bankroll management

(10:31) OpenPhone - Get an extra 20% off any plan for your first 6 months at

(11:47) Golden State Warriors impact on Jason's system-based VC team building philosophy

(15:48) J+M tee up today's TWiCS interview!

(22:46) Neo.Tax - Get $500 off R&D tax credit fees at

(24:02) Quaise CEO Carlos Araque joins to break down his business: drilling to unlock geothermal energy

(33:03) Helpware - Go to to get $1000 off your first invoice

(34:10) Carlos explains the size of Quaise's opportunity and how he raised $50M+ Series A for a deep tech project, what their business model will look like, and more!

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