How to deal with failing startups + Team Wildfire CEO Steve Wolf on "Hurricane-as-a-Service" | E1563


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Welcome to Sunday! First up, J+M cover different methods and classifications for dealing with failing startups. (2:01) Then, Molly interviews Team Wildfire CEO Steve Wolf about his "Hurricane-as-a-Service" business! (31:56)

(0:00) J+M tee up today's segments!

(2:01) VC Sunday School: J+M discuss hospice care for startups

(10:50) Embroker - Use code TWIST to get an extra 10% off insurance at

(11:58) VC fund dynamics with Zombie startups, Jason explains "pay to play"

(25:32) Spokn - Get 3 months free at

(27:03) J+M tee up this week's climate interview!

(31:56) Steve Wolf explains his jet engine powered fire-fighting device

(37:21) OpenPhone - Get an extra 20% off any plan for your first 6 months at

(38:55) Steve breaks down the business side of Team Wildfire, "Hurricanes-as-a-Service", and more!

(55:32) Molly gets a virtual tour of the "Hurricane on wheels"

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