Crypto news: Do Kwon arrest warrant, ETH merge, Orange DAO + The Blueprint Part 10 | E1560


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First up, Jason is back with the tenth and FINAL edition of The Blueprint, where he explains the seven ways to create wealth (2:12). Then, Vinny and Sunny join J+M for a crypto roundtable, covering: Do Kwon's arrest warrant (24:04), the ETH merge (49:54), an Orange DAO breakdown (1:14:24), and more!

(0:00) J+M tee up today's topics!

(2:12) The Blueprint Part 10: The seven ways to create wealth

(13:01) Visa - Learn more about Visa’s online Small Business Hub at

(13:57) The Blueprint Part 10 continued: The seven ways to create wealth

(19:20) J+M catch up on the current state of early-stage dealmaking

(22:39) Brave - Download today at to browse faster, search privately and so much more

(24:04) Vinny and Sunny join! First topic: a South Korean court issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon

(36:51) OpenPhone - Get an extra 20% off any plan for your first 6 months at

(38:07) How to make crypto safer for retail investors

(49:54) ETH merge, insane stats on crypto power usage

(1:14:24) Orange DAO breakdown

(1:33:23) Vinny challenges Jason's Disney Jay Trade





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