Bolt cancels $1.5B Wyre deal, $ROKU adds TikTok-style feature, Deere's self-driving tractors | E1558


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J+M are back recapping this week's episode of All-In and how to stop brigading on Twitter (1:42). They also cover Bolt cancelling its $1.5B acquisition of crypto payments startup Wyre (19:46), Roku adding a TikTok-style feature (30:31), and two We Live in the Future stories! (39:48)

(0:00) J+M tee up today's topics!

(1:42) All-In recap, how Twitter can reduce brigading, and more

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(19:49) Bolt cancels $1.5B Wyre acquisition

(29:05) Liquid IV - Get 15% off at using promo code TWIST

(30:34) Roku adds TikTok-style feature to its streaming software

(38:17) OpenPhone - Get an extra 20% off any plan for your first 6 months at

(39:51) We Live in the Future: John Deere's self-driving tractors

(49:48) We Live in the Future: $5B Moon-themed hotel might be coming to Dubai

(56:22) China is ramping up its moon operations due to discovering a new mineral



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