This Undivided Life


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This Undivided Life Podcast will give you real advice to help make life whole again. Join Troy Mclaughlin, co-host Scott Perkins and guests as we talk real life. We bypass simple platitudes and the generic “just love yourself” gibberish, and dive headlong into the challenges pulling us a million different directions. Life is fractured; from your calendars chocked full of commitments, to the black hole of entertainment in the palm of your hand, and the constant buzz of iPhone alerts. For most of us, the hum of anxiety is always present. You struggle to keep up with life’s frenetic pace, social media’s comparison game, or the far-fetched promises of our consumer culture. You feel divided, out of sorts, maybe even broken because of past experiences. Here’s the good news, we’ll talk about ways to combat those feelings; things you can do, habits to break or create, and practices to put in place. If you’re looking for gurus, quick fixes, or hacks, this is not the show for you. If you’re looking for fellow sojourners, people on a similar journey, you’ve found your show.

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