Episode 0202: "Chalk Dust Torture", "Tweezer", and "Suzy Greenberg" by Phish


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Josh and Hayden are joined by guest host Hannah Hayes to discuss the veteran jam band Phish. Hannah hates these guys so much she couldn't pick just one song to dismantle, so her and the boys talk about "Chalk Dust Torture", "Tweezer", and "Suzy Greenberg."

Hayden tries desperately to defend the band while Josh blasts the band's incessant repetition and milquetoast grooves. Hannah draws from a vast array of food-based metaphors to make fun of the band, which of course drives Hayden towards one of his favorite topics: Guy Fieri. Stay tuned until the end to catch a dramatic reading of some spicy Phish/Fieri fan fiction. This episode doesn't just get off the rails: it blows up the daggum tracks.

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