Episode 24: How to Cultivate Self Awareness & Create the Life of Your Dreams (feat. Jeremy Koester)


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For me, one of the most potent realizations that plant medicines have brought into my awareness is the degree to which everything is connected & happening FOR us. I remember hearing things back in grade school, such as our genes being the dependent factor on what our experience of life was to be & feeling so disempowered by this & other outdated information like it. Today’s guest on the show is someone who is well aware of how life is working FOR us & is an expert in the realms of spiritual teachings, epigenetics & creating harmony in all aspects of the human being. In addition, he has put these passions & more together in a new 4 week program called Empath X, which is designed to cultivate self awareness on a grand scale in order to empower each client he works with with the tools & resources to live out their lives at their fullest potential.
This episode was produced at the Mass Music Radio Station in Quincy, Massachusetts.

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