Will Coronavirus (COVID-19) delay the AirBnB IPO? (Guest, Cory Weinberg, Reporter, The Information)


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Cory Weinberg is a reporter for The Information, covering the intersection of tech and cities. We wanted to bring Cory on the show to talk about San Franicsco housing policy, Coronavirus, and of course AirBnb. You won't want to miss this one if you're thinking about the housing crisis, or the looming AirBnb IPO.

We learn a bit about Cory's background and why he emigrated to San Francisco. Cory talks a bit about his status as possibly one of the foremost experts in the Bay Area on the housing crisis. We ask Cory whether he's going to use the reporting platform he has to write a book an AirBnB (not to dissimilar to what Eliot Brown did with WeWork, or Mike Isaac with Uber). Cory plays it cool.

We ask about the affect of Coronavirus on Airbnb business and whether it's decimating enough to actually postpone their projected IPO. Cory explains some technical dynamics which may explain why they have to IPO soon despite having a (presumably) bad quarter post COVID-19.

We ask Cory about his favorite social follows and who some of his favorite local reporters are. This is an awesome episode you won't want to miss.

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