Why is There Tension Between Tech and Journalism? (Guest: David Pierce, Protocol)


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David Pierce is the Editor-at-Large of Protocol - a new publication covering technology in a similar way Politico covers politics (with the same owner). We recorded this episode in January pre-COVID-19 - and asked David at the time - why was there increasing tension between technologists and journalists?

David was clearly highly concerned about COVID-19 a couple of months ago - we dig in on why at the time he was concerned, which is a unique snapshot in time as to what we were all thinking just a few weeks ago.

David talks about tension between founders and journalists. And how both sides can continue to do better. In an authentic moment, David recounts some of his own mistakes in covering companies and individuals and what he might have done differently.

We talk about Protocol - the new publication David is working on and what it's like working on a publication during what many perceive to be a time where media is dying. David talks about the investment in great people and great content as a competitive advantage.

David talks about life in the Bay, including his horrendous commute. We cover a wide range of topics in this very interesting, and constantly engaging interview with David Pierce - enjoy!

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