What is the True Cost of Living in San Francisco? (Guest: Gina Fromer, Children's Council of San Francisco)


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Gina Fromer is the CEO of the Children's Council of San Francisco. She is also a 6th generation San Franciscan. She has seen a lot of change over the years to the city and its surrounding environment. What keeps her 'addicted' to San Francisco, and what is the *true* cost of living here these days? We talk about that and more in today's episode of TISLISV.

Gina talks about her childhood in San Francisco and some of the adversity she and her family faced growing up in the city. She talks about her first encounter with the Children's Council of SF. Childcare is expensive and essentially unaffordable for most people in San Francisco. We talk about what Gina and the Children's Council are doing to get women back to work.

Gina talks about the interconnectedness of the city and the importance of community. And how it is important for the tech community to remain engaged in community in order to ultimately make the city a better place. And to keep people in San Francisco.

The city will lose out if we can't figure out how to get middle class families the help they need to afford to live in the Bay Area. Gina makes this point in an incredibly eloquent and poignant way. You don't want to miss today's episode of TISLISV.

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