Silicon Valley Does Not Care About Female Founders (Guest: Lisa Fetterman, Founder/CEO, Nomiku)


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Lisa Fetterman is here to tell it like it is. She's a gifted entrepreneur and inventor, and she cannot understand why Silicon Valley doesn't care about female founders. This is a must-listen edition of the show featuring some great insight on how to fix the diversity problem in tech.

Fetterman started her current company with her husband, and when we asked her about an anecdote about the company, we heard the horrible tale of an investor who had other intentions when he put money in the company. We hear from Lisa about how her experience is fairly common, but it's what motivates her ultimately.

Lisa shout-outs some of her favorite female founders (including Jessica Scorpio from Getaround, and Sara Mauskopf from Winnie. We hear about the groups that Lisa runs, and what female founders say about VCs and male founders when they are not in the room.

We learn the ultimate, and easiest solution to fix the diversity problem Silicon Valley is plagued with. A lot of ground covered on this episode, so please do give it a listen!

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