Should You Tweet About Your Meditation Retreat to Myanmar? (Guest: Jessica Powell, Author, Former Head of Communications at Google)


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Jessica Powell ran communications at Google. She's now a bestselling author. We asked Jessica - who has seen her fair share of PR crises over the years - how she would handle communications issues facing some of the top tech companies in the world. You might be surprised where she stands on various issues plaguing some of technology's top players.

We asked her about Jack Dorsey's now infamous 'tweetstorm' about his meditation retreat to Myanmar and her reaction to it. We examined the broad spectrum of reactions that played out on social media.

We dig into Jessica's journey to San Francisco, which started in sunny So Cal, and the 'fake' Los Angeles San Francisco rivalry. Jessica dishes on some of her favorite athletes and sports teams.

As a communications exec, we had the opportunity to ask Jessica how she would handle PR crises at Facebook. And what was inherently different about Facebook and Google culture. We also asked Jessica about where change needs to occur at these companies - whether regulation will work, or how lasting change will really take place.

Jessica talks about why she began writing satire, and how people reacted to it. She talks about her recent interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson and what that experience was like. Enjoy this broad, amazing interview with one of tech's top marketing execs!

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