Is Silicon Valley Going to be a Template for the Rest of the World? (Guest: Rishi Kumar, US Congressional Candidate)


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Rishi Kumar is a successful technology executive turned politician. Kumar has been in the local political scene for a long time now and is running for Congress. We ask Kumar about what he wants to bring from Silicon Valley to DC. Is Silicon Valley ultimately the template the rest of the country will emulate?

We ask Kumar about Saratoga, CA where he has been a city council member. We talk about the pressures high school students face in the area, and the STEM focused curriculum of the Bay Area. We spend time talking about the evolution of the Bay, and how things have changed since the 1980s.

Kumar talks about the national political scene, and what he's seeing and interpreting as a California Democrat. He describes his vision for the future and the parts of Silicon Valley he wants to emulate and get DC to buy into.

Ultimately, listeners are left with a really important question - is Silicon Valley the template we want to take to the rest of the world - why or why not? It's an important question, with far reaching implications. Kumar provides thoughtful responses. If you're into politics ,you don't want to miss today's episode of TIYLISV.

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