Is Education As We Know it Finished (Guest: Ryan Delk, CEO/Co-Founder, Primer)?


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The pandemic has closed schools and massively affected the way we think of traditional education. How will future generations be affected by the sudden change in how we learn? We asked the CEO of Primer, Ryan Delk about this and more.

Many parents are struggling with how to cope with the sudden changes surrounding the pandemic. Kids are at home all the time, and most public school districts in the state of CA (and many other states) are fully remote. This is causing parents to rethink education choices in general - public vs. private, homeschooling vs online learning, and numerous other logistics considerations.

Ryan Delk is an expert on this subject. His startup - Primer is making the process of transitioning to homeschooling easier for parents. We hear Ryan's perspective on homeschool vs 'traditional' school, state by state regulations, and what it takes to raise kids during the age of the pandemic.

We talk to Ryan about colleges, sports, building a sense of collegiality with classmates and the effect of constant Zoom on kids. We ask about social skills for kids and how they might change, the importance of STEM and numerous other topics.

If you're a parent and you're wading through this period, you don't want to miss this episode of TIYLISV.

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