Do you Really Need to be 'Passionate' to Start a Company? (Guest, Christina Stembel, Founder of Farmgirl Flowers)


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Christina Stembel is from a small town in Indiana. She's now the CEO and Founder of Farmgirl Flowers - a popular flower company that gained notoriety as part of the 'Instagram generation' of brands. But Christina's story isn't very typical of Silicon Valley - she completely debunks typical Founder mythology.

We talk to Christina about the start to her career, which was in the hospitality industry. If you've ever stayed at a hotel, or plan on doing it in the future, you'll want to know the inner-workings from Christina. We talk about staying at hotels versus staying at Airbnbs, and what the nicest places to stay in San Francisco are.

Christina talks about why she originally moved to San Francisco (for love), but what made her stay. She spends some time debunking Founder mythology in Silicon Valley - that you need to be passionate in order to start a company.

Christina shares some shocking facts about flowers that you weren't aware of. This is a great episode.

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