Do You Prefer Starbucks, Blue Bottle, or Philz? (Guests: Philz Coffee CEO Jacob Jaber, Techcrunch Reporter Kate Clark)


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Special episode alert! Techcrunch reporter Kate Clark sent a tweet out about how she hates Philz Coffee. We decided to bring her on the show with Philz CEO Jacob Jaber to convince her otherwise. Hilarity ensued.

Kate's tweet said she 'hated Philz more than Starbucks'. Co-host Sunil decided to reach out on the thread since he is a Philz fan and tag the official Philz corporate account along with CEO Jacob Jaber. Jaber agreed to join Sunil, Jascha and Kate for a special edition of the show.

Jacob served Kate, Sunil and Jascha special drinks before the show to convince Kate that she just had a bad experience in the past. To begin with, Kate shares her thoughts about the drinks she tasted, and compares them to her favorite coffee beverage at Starbucks (iced vanilla latte). She also talks about her pre-disposition to love Starbucks because of its brand.

Clark talks about her journey from Seattle to San Francisco and her relatively recent arrival to San Francisco. While Jaber talks about how he was born in South San Francisco and can't envision living in another region. Jaber explains the number of varities of Philz drinks that are possible.

The guests talk about different regions, their favorite Twitter accounts, and whether they are optimistic about the future of San Francisco. The answers will likely surprise you.

Jaber essentially plays customer service rep as Kate talks about her frustration around the Philz queuing system.

This is a hilarious special edition of the podcast that you don't want to miss.

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