Can Theater Survive in the Age of Instagram? (Guests: Pam MacKinnon and Andy Donald, American Conservatory Theater)


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Pam MacKinnon is a Tony Award-winning Director. She's spent decades atop the theater world, directing shows on and off-Broadway. Andy Donald is a west-coast native but has spent recent years on the East Coast as an artistic director. Both are now part of the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco (as Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director respectively). But what is it like running a high profile theater in the technology epicenter of the universe?

We talk to Pam and Andy about their journeys to San Francisco, their times on the East Coast and the ongoing SF/LA rivalry. We have a deep conversation about what it's like to run a show to audiences with short attention spans who are looking at smartphones constantly. What does theater need to do in order to evolve to the Instagram age? What about the arts scene in San Francisco? Andy and Pam pontificate on both and describe what it's like to be in San Francisco at this day/age and time.

We talk about the American Conservatory Theater, its mission, and its most recent show (listener note - this episode was recorded last year, and the show discussed during the interview is not currently running). If you're into the arts, theater, and looking for insight on where it's all headed, this episode is for you. It's a fascinating discussion.

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