Endometriosis and Fertility: 7 Years of Heartbreak, and a New Approach


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Support is going to be a prevalent theme in today’s episode. Why? Because it’s the support of our family, friends, employers, and physicians that help us get through tough times, especially when it comes to infertility.

Amanda Lesesne is a veteran guest here on This Is Infertility. This will be her third time joining us, and (spoiler!) today, she comes with good news! However, it wasn’t an easy journey getting here. She struggled with endometriosis, went through six rounds of failed IVF cycles, an ectopic pregnancy, and then just when she thought she found her solution through a gestational carrier, they backed out. Despite these setbacks, Amanda kept moving forward. She decided to reevaluate her current setup and look for a more supportive clinic that would be confident in her family building goals. Luckily, she found Dr. Klatsky and his team at Spring Fertility, who would get to the bottom of her infertility.

So, as you listen to this episode, think about your current support system. Maybe you’re going through fertility treatments or are getting weighed down by the disproportionate costs of infertility. It could be a sign to look for another clinic, another employer to advocate for your family building goals, or your budget. Amanda’s story shows us that even the most seemingly impossible situations can be turned around by a fresh perspective and the proper support. Be sure to check out Amanda’s previous episodes in the notes below.

Guest: Amanda Lesesne, Progyny

Expert: Dr. Peter Klatsky, Spring Fertility

Host: Dan Bulger

If you want to hear Amanda’s full story, start by listening to Episode 31 part 1 and part 2.

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