Bringing Joy to Others: POV of a Gestational Surrogate and Egg Donor


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One thing always leads to another, and in Eloise’s case, her actions illuminated a path of happiness and health for one family after another. Eloise Drain, founder of Family Inceptions and Reproductive Association of Minority Professionals (RAMP), started by donating her kidney to her cousin, and eventually Eloise found herself as a gestational carrier for many grateful couples over the years.

In this episode, Eloise talks about the process of being an egg donor and gestational carrier, as well as the ups and downs that come with it. During her journey, Eloise noticed the discrepancies in healthcare for women of color when she was told that “black women don’t have fertility issues.” This influenced her to create Family Inceptions, an agency that seeks out surrogates or egg donors that carefully places them with others who are a perfect match for them, as well as RAMP, an agency designed to prioritize minorities in their family building journey.

Guest: Eloise Drain, Family Inceptions, Reproductive Association of Multiethnic Professionals

Host: Dan Bulger

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