We Are The Sun and We Are The Earth


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This episode of the Third Eye Awakening podcast is an excerpt of the 5D Light Bridge masterclass!

So much of our existence before was stumbling around in the dark, trying to figure out like, what the f*ck is happening here and what we're supposed to do about it.

A lot of us have had this sense of a purpose and a mission and the knowledge that we were born for a reason.Yet we didn't have all the instructions.

But now, we've entered into a new phase of the game plan, a new phase of the mission.

I now understand that and I know that it is my job to relay this information to others.

In this masterclass:

-WTF 5D even actually is…

-WHERE 5D is

-HOW to get there…

-WHEN the shift will happen…

-WHO is going and what happens to those who aren’t going…

-WHY your Soul came to Earth at this time…

…and much more!!


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