The Art Of Manifestation, Visualisation & Meditation – with David Sandercott


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Meditation, visualisation, affirmation, setting goals and positive thinking changed David’s life so he became a coach to help others. David now teaches other people how to find peace and lose weight through spiritual practices, meditation, visualization, affirmation, setting goals, mindset, healing and prayer.

Once David started manifesting and visualizing he was going to lose weight, have a six pack and become a model, even though he was an alcoholic, overweight, unfit and short, he ended up in Vogue magazine and others. We go into detail of the art of visualization and meditation, we share in depth of how he teaches people to meditate and the tools to bring their concentration back to their third eye, how I meditate and we agreed that you have to be patient with yourself.

We talked about how our purpose in life is to spiritually evolve and anything worth having requires effort and work. Our feelings and emotions are not our enemy, they are a messenger for us to learn and grow, and all pain and suffering comes from not knowing who we are. Also the amplified power of the energy level, frequency and unconditional love of surrounding yourself with like-minded people and others on the same journey.

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