Mindfulness Of What We Consume, Psychic Traumatisation & Disinformation - with Mike Romanelli


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Welcome back to another amazing conversation!

In this episode, I'm chatting with Mike Romanelli. Mike is the host of The Free Thinkers Society, Co-Owner or The Dojo of Comedy in Morristown NJ with Sam Triploli. Former Rave Producer and Co-Founder of Final Phase Records.

We dove into our divine untapped potential, meditation, opening our third eye, telepathic communication, psychic traumatisation and the worry free process. We spoke about Mike's history being an active conspiracy theorist and fear around disinformation, the effects retrogrades hold, transhumanism, productive programming and conditioning from horror movies & video games, how that affects our brains, emotions & thoughts and the importance of considering what we pay attention to.

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