Gaslit Childhood Dark Experiences To The Reclamation Of Spiritual Gifts – with Caitlin Chadwick


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Catlin had always been able to see ghosts & spirits from an early age, but it is only the past 12 months that she has pursued her spiritual awakening. She was an abused child and the spirits that came to her then, were negative ones. Since she has lifted her own vibrations and become more positive, the negative spirits around her have become far less frequent. She recognised that to become positive, she had to heal past traumas which she has done through counselling, meditation and journaling.

Ghosts and spirits have different spectrums, from spirits who are lost souls, who need directions or forgiveness or just want to be heard, to sadistic negative entities who want to cause harm to the depressed and vulnerable by invading and become hitchhikers. All spirits are salvageable, but all humans are under no obligation to try and heal demons.

We spoke about exposure to negative entities, positive auras and how they can protect us, satanic rituals, parents gaslighting fear around spirituality, sensitivity to the spiritual realm, forgiveness and how children can open up pathways to healing.

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