Decoding Messages & Expanding Our Ability To Receive Them – with JT


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None of us are the supreme authority of the truth. We all carry a puzzle piece of the truth, and when we assemble them all together, that’s when we all get the true big picture of understanding. We do a huge service to each other by sharing the piece we have, and we don’t have to have the whole answer, only what we have received already.

There are many pieces that fit into the puzzle such as knowledge, psychedelics, yoga, ascension, akashic records and the coming together of like-minded people and people sharing their own experiences.

We talked about how meditation, yoga and energy works etc help us to fine tune our antenna to receive awakenings, move our vibrations and move from the 3D to different dimensions. Sometimes we cannot decode messages we receive because we have not fine-tuned our antenna, or expanded or widened the aperture of our consciousness wide enough, to translate the message in a meaningful way.

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