What Future for Trump Now (American Issues Take Two)


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Indictments, Lawsuits, Comeback, Collapse. The hosts for this show are Jay Fidell and Tim Apicella. The guests are Stephanie Dalton and Vicky Cayetano.
Our panel examines what will happen to Trump now. Will he be indicted, convicted and jailed and in what criminal cases and how will that affect things. Will he slilp into depression or manic mode. Will the GOP leadership change their minds, as before, and will he get the GOP nomination. Will his victimhood help him. Will he run on some other party. How will he do in all the litigation he has initiated and which has been initiated against him. Will he be able to stage a political recovery of some kind. For the lack of the adulation he requires, will his excoriation by the media and the GOP drive him to some desperate moves. What affect will all this have on the GOP as a party and its platform, leadership in Congress, the 2024 presidential campaign and for that matter the Big Lie advocates in Congress, in state government and on the Supreme Court. What effect will it have on Trump's base.
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