Episode 380: Set Mining with Aces


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Carlos catches Andrew and the audience up on all he’s been up to: living in Vegas, not playing the WSOP, researching how to erect a headstone on your own, and more. In the strategy segment, they discuss conservative play and big folds on the bubble.

How to Win a Bracelet is Carlos’s latest collaboration with Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald.

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Hand for hand on the stone cold bubble.

Hero is in the BB with 9 BB’s behind (after posting blind), and AQ

Young Tunisian pro opens UTG for 2.5x from a stack of 100+ BB’s. He’s opened about 40% of the 10 hands we’ve seen.

UTG 1 calls from a very big stack.

Hero calls with AQo in BB.

Pot: 9 BB’s and hero has 7.5 BB’s behind. Flop QJ6. Hero open-ships.

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