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  • The Living OUT Podcast launched June 20, 2018. I renamed it to Think Queerly after the 100th episode. That means over the last 3 years I have published approximately 5 episodes per month!
  • The influence and importance of my purpose statement to everything I do in my coaching, my articles, and the podcast: “When you freely love who you are, you can freely create the life you want.”
  • Realizations while on sabbatical and hiatus this past August in Montreal.
  • My top 10 episodes (according to my podcast host analytics) and why I think they're relevant. (See below)
  • Why I feel like I'm outside the margins with my approach which is not what everyone else does: no listicles, advertising, useless banter. Instead, I have offered unapologetic, vulnerable, honest, and authentic insight, helpful content, and ever-evolving transformative personal evolution processes based on neuroscience — you have to put in the effort to make changes and get results.
  • What's coming? On this, I'd love to know what interests you and why. Send me your thoughts on my website: https://darrenstehle.com/contact/

The Top 10 Think Queerly Episodes

  1. Think Queerly Podcast Introduction
  2. The Swinging Closet Door – LOP001
  3. Do You Know What You Want? – LOP002
  4. Has LGBTQ+ Pride Been White-Washed by White Gay Men? TQ135
  5. Are You A Top Or A Bottom? – LOP003
  6. Why Gay Shame Is Your Superpower — TQ126
  7. Sex Shaming During COVID-19 — A Discussion with Shaun Proulx — TQ133
  8. Remaking Manhood and #MeToo with Mark Greene – LOP082
  9. Kelly Walker on Celebrating Life with Grace and Delight Because It’s Good to Be Alive— TQ165
  10. How Gay Shame Limits Self-Worth and Personal Growth – LOP008

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