Judd Lorson - Designing a Healthy Mindset as CEO - Ep.147


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My guest on this episode is Judd Lorson. Judd acquired Alliance CAS, a specialty collection agency, in 2018 as CEO and in 2021 resigned from the role after a much more difficult road and path than he’d anticipated. Judd’s story was recently profiled in a Yale paper by A.J. Wasserstein titled “The Judd Lorson Story” which we will link to in the show notes and I highly recommend reading for background on Judd’s time as CEO.

For this conversation, we are focusing on new daily habits and foundations he has created influenced by his experience, what he values today, how those values have changed over time and the power of having a growth mindset.

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“The Judd Lorson Story” by A.J. Wasserstein

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Judd on LinkedIn

Contact Judd via email at Judd.lorson@gmail.com


(4:10) - Judd’s background and career

(14:44) - What was a typical day or week like for you as a CEO and what would that ideally look like today?

(21:10) - How do you feel now in your emotional balance now vs. when you were working in the business?

(23:07) - Do you think if you had started your work as CEO with these habits it would’ve been a more successful experience?

(24:42) - How are you planning to adjust your work-life balance in a potential second stint as CEO?

(28:13) - What advice would you give to young searchers who are in the process of making life changes outside of work such as starting a family?

(31:30) - What are some tactics you could use to engage with those changing dynamics over time?

(33:32) - What goals did you have for 2022?

(38:06) - What are some of your Slight Edge Habits?

(41:55) - Are you totally caffeine free?

(44:06) - Was there anything to simulate day and night while on the submarine?

(47:04) - What other changes in your daily habits or values are you looking to achieve in the future?

(50:04) - Is there a strongly held belief you’ve changed your mind on?

(53:12) - What’s the best business you’ve ever seen?

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