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It's Just Bodybuilding Podcast 184 Big Ron Partlow, Dusty Hanshaw & Scott McNally. What's up with not going to failure? Is Conor McGregor natty or not? Home Gym talk and more TIME STAMPS BELOW 🔴 Presented By MUTANT® — Leave Humanity Behind! Codes BIGRON20 or DUSTY20 for savings 🙏 Support us on Patreon. Every $5 helps! 0:00 intro 1:00 Teaser 3:00 Do we train too hard? 22:30 Ron took some heat last week 27:00 Scammer on Youtube 30:30 Would the guys work with a big name athlete? 41:30 Will they allow PED’s in sports? 46:45 Conor McGregor “Natty or Not” 51:20 The Fade Guy in the 80’s Record Industry 53:40 Did Ronnie’s Injuries cast a shadow? 59:20 What was your best body part? 1:03:00 Prescribed Var, when to take? 1:04:20 2 foods that make the worst sandwich 1:08:00 Home Gym Fly and Row Machines 1:11:30 What were you not scared of as a kid but you are now? Follow the guys on Instagram : 💪 💪 💪 ✅ Presented by TRUE NUTRITION. Code : THINK 3rd Party Tested, Discover the source that bodybuilders trust ! ✅ 🇨🇦 For our Canadians, get blow out deals on top brand name supplements! 🇬🇧 STROM SPORTS - For our followers from the UK, check out for cutting edge health blends like SupportMAX and SupportMax Joint. Or check out stand alone supps like TUDCA and NAC ✅ Amino Asylum code THINK for 20% off research chems, peptides, l-carnitine and more 🔴 Video :

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